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SAFHU was honoured to host Prof Noam Shoval. Prof Shoval addressed the Johannesburg community on " The Implementation of tracking technologies for Social Science and Medical Research"


Below is a selection of HU News & Events held under the auspices of the Hebrew University.

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Dr Martin Moshal
Honorary Fellowship
Archaelogy Department
Bruce and Jill Fordyce
Rotheberg International School

SA Student at HU

Leah Gittelson ,a South African Student at the Hebrew University
speaks to us about her Mechina Experience 2018

I originally applied for the mechina preparatory course in order to gain fluency in the Hebrew language whilst simultaneously studying subjects such as mathematics, biology and economics that would eventually contribute to my knowledge required for my future undergraduate degree. All the descriptions matched my personal requirements as I wanted to have a constructive gap year before settling down to complete my Bachelor’s degree.

Before Mechina, I began ulpan at HU. Amidst the scorching summer heat, I met adolescents from all around the world. The class was filled with snippets of Spanish, Russian, French, Arabic, Greek, Mandarin, German and Turkish, yet each and every one of us was bound by a mutual language: Hebrew. It was inspiring to witness how distinct each student’s background was and I had to elevate my Hebrew in order to get to know people and to start making friends. This diversity and appreciation of one another continued through to the mechina.

I am currently focused on applying to a Bachelor of Science degree at the Hebrew University. Mechina is not merely an academic pre-university programme, but rather a year where one learns to be independent and has the opportunity to prepare psychologically as well as academically for the future. Most importantly, my Jewish identity has been strengthened and for the first time I feel a deeper understanding and appreciation for Israel.

Yissum is the technology transfer company of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
It is responsible for marketing the inventions and know-how generated by the University's renowned researchers and students.

The University's range of intellectual property includes inventions and know-how in many fields, including nanotechnology, medicine and pharmaceuticals, agriculture and nutrition, water and environmental technologies, computer science, homeland security, and more.

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The Hebrew University is one of the most inspirational organisations in the world. The innovative research that the University produces is truly remarkable and is having a profound effect on all aspects of human existence.

It is amazing to observe the life changing effect one institution can have for so many. The South African Friends seek to lend support to the sterling work the University produces.

We hope to play a small, but not insignificant role, in helping the University reach even greater heights then it has already achieved.

We hope that you enjoy scrolling through this website and that you will endeavour to visit Hebrew University's magnificent campus if you have the privilege of visiting Israel. I feel certain that you will experience the same level of excitement when you witness the Hebrew University's amazing achievements for yourself

Prof.Michael KatzPresident of SAFHU

The Hebrew University in Jerusalem enjoys a 100 year plus history as a bastion of academic excellence and a pioneer of technology which drives global innovation in multiple spheres.

The South African friends chapter (SAFHU) is an opportunity to support, identify with and grow this legacy into the future. In addition, SAFHU plays an important role, not only in promoting the university’s reputation but also being a conduit for students to enrol and for knowledge to be transferred into the South African economic ecosystem.

Lawrence BarnettChairman of the SA Friends of the Hebrew University

The Hebrew University embraces a mission that advances the wellbeing of Israel, the Jewish people and mankind.

HU draws on its unique resources to explore Jewish continuity, strengthen Jewish education and deepen Israel-diaspora ties through the promotion of Jewish learning. HU provides international leadership in addressing universal research challenges.

We, at the SA Friends, are in the fortunate position of assisting HU in maintaining its exceptional standard of education. We are part of an institution whose teachings, research and inventions change the world.

Carmel KrawitzExecutive Director

The Hebrew University has just been ranked 59th in the top 100 Universities in the world and 1st in Israel.

The university continues to cement its international standing as an important venue for high-quality research and academia.

Our ability to remain among the world's best universities depends on the funding of Israel's higher education system and investment in Israel's research universities, as well as a high degree of international cooperation.

Menahem Ben-SassonChancellor of the Hebrew University

The Jewish Community in Durban may be small but there is huge support for the Hebrew University as Israel's leading University.

In the heart of Jerusalem, many of the world's leading minds come together to develop breakthroughs in science, medicine and technology.

We, the friends, are proud to be part of the changes that are being made daily to the world, through the research done at HU.

Julian BeareDurban Chairman

The Hebrew University that I know and serve is an academy of cosmopolitan excellence, profoundly conscious of its obligations to the world community, and committed to scholarship in an atmosphere that is informed by moral integrity, free of discrimination and prejudice and an honest, open and creative intellectual community.

Paul BermanCape Town Chairman

Professor Michael Katz Jeff Katz Carmel Kravitz Menachem Ben-Sasson Julian Beare Paul Berman